Salman  Ahmed  Khan, Umar siddiqui and Shabana J Khan are the professionals behind Makers Multimedia.

Makers Multimedia is a production and a event  company established since 1989 in India and UK respectively run by these two professionals with an  extensive experience of organizing hi end bollywood events across the globe   since twenty three years and producing  Advertising commercials for the similar period.

Our team of professionals shares a passion for developing strategies and creating campaigns designed for an innovative consumer experience which leads to involve the audience in a closer and more more rewarding relationship with their favourite consumer products and the  brands or with their favourite bollywood star when it comes to a Event.

We are a multiplatform production  house for creating cost effective multimedia projects. We also produce  Motion Graphics, 3D Animations, walk thru’s,Industrial training films, Corporate Events, Online Web Videos, Viral Ad Campaigns and just about anything else that takes benefit of the digital video technology.

We combine our years of experience with consumer insight, great ideas with the  the highest production standards with a focus on effective and significant results,We have a handful of  creative directors with creative minds and artistic souls whose energies are  inexhaustible.

Any  form of art  or production requires creative taste and inspiration We work with our clients supplied data and  resources along with our think tank team of  professionals to build a brand’s identity whether it’s a consumer product or a corporate name or a bollywood star our aim is to get maximum mileage for the respective medium.   

We as creative professionals read the local market in india and overseas well enough with our marketing team where upon a creative outlook is designed and the execution is planned accordingly with our  creative team of directors.

Our final output from our creative  services helps you to  connect directly to your target audience, yes we understand the multimedia reasonably well and we call ourselves as Makers Multimedia represented by us & our children Arsalaan Ahmed Khan (Editor & Director), Sabah Khan (Fashion Designer) & Sanah Khan (Admin & Business Development).

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Note: Makers Multimedia is also a part of Indian Academy of Arts and Animation. (who did the colourisation of Mughal-e-Azam; the epic blockbuster of Indian Cinema) and are also coming up with Animation academy in India and UAE along with a centre of archives for restoration and colourisation.