Business Development - National & International Projects


He started his career as a geologist and has worked in Saudi Arabia for over 10 years with the prestigious companies like Aramco, Saudi Tarmac, Pegel Arabia etc until he moved back to india and shifted a professional base to united kingdom aiming the UK market for advertising projects events and multimedia projects. With a belief, life means “Directions Unlimited” he diversified himself in the field of print & electronic media through his company Makers Multimedia formed in 1989 and has emerged successfully as a production house to several advertising campaigns for the national & international clients till date.
Understanding the great potential of international celebrity shows of bollywood stars and super stars he got associated with international promoters for bollywood’s musicals on stage across the globe he has organized and marketed almost all the super stars & musical masters of the Asian film Industry since 1991 till and the list is endless. His company,Makers Multimedia was established in the year 1989 with the prime objective of reinventing the Media and Showbiz be it in Television Software, Advertising Films, Music Videos, Corporate Films,walk thru’s, Animation and Graphics along with organizing and marketing of Bollywood Star Studded Shows across the globe,A feature film called THE UNFORGETTABLE a cross over with british actors was also produced and marketed by him. as a associate producer.
He was actively involved in production planning and research team with IAAA a software company which took part in spearheading the creation of World’s first and most important software such as development of “Effect Plus” through which the restoration and colorization of the first all time Indian classic “Mughal-e-Azam for cinemascope was done and released worldwide. A documentary on this prestigious epic was also produced by Makers Multimedia, Dreams are Dreams and chasing these dreams is a realistic example of Makers Multimedia’s involvement with the great epic we now called The colour version of Mughal e Azam.
Makers Multimedia now as a team of great creative people is working along with him on a pre production of a broadway musical live on stage opening in Europe in 2014 with a very exciting animation film along with a feature film with a very known director with a belief “Directions are unlimited.”

Business Development National & International Projects


Umar Siddiqui, the Managing Director of Indian Academy of Arts & Animation, specializes in business and technology management. He contributes outstanding Internet and New Media experience, as well as a strong business strategy focus fused with solid best practices in management. He has managed large software design and development teams in few Fortune 500 companies. Worked for TGC, USA in a technical and business management capacity.
Umar actively took part in spearheading the creation of World’s first and most important New Media consulting practices & software such as development of “Effect Plus” through which he restored and colored the first all time Indian classic “Mughal-e-Azam for cinemascope release.
He has also developed revenue information systems, security information systems & most recently working on RFID technology for few of his prestigious international clients. His technical and account management expertise served clients such as JRI Group, Vineyard International Holdings, Shapoorji Pallonji & Co, Universal Studios, legend Films etc.
He also leads an internal program management group at Global Pact Holdings-South Africa responsible for developing project/financial controls applications for the Planning and promotion of the company. Umar has also worked as a Principle Consultant for DMMC, UAE, where he has helped in the Consulting and Auditing Services Division expand into the Internet technology services division.
Umar graduated with a B.S. in Computer Information Systems(CIS) from SNHU & a post specialization in Financial management in which he studied a great deal of technology delivery and management systems. At Present, along with his other partners ventured into the real estate & construction industry, looking after the international projects & financial management division of the company.

Producer, Fashion Designer & A Stylist


Shabana J Khan is a premium media personality from United Kingdom who has been running successfully two premium companies; Makers Multimedia; which is a pure production house and Sabashe; fashion label with a very strong base in Mumbai - India and United Kingdom.
She has been married to Mr Salman ahmed khan the well known multimedia producer/director and a promoter of bollywood events worldwide. Shabana travels between London and Mumbai very frequently with a base in both the cities.
Shabana’s conceptual and creative instincts has created waves and her conceptual effort ruled the hearts of the glamour and television industry for more than twenty three years with leading models and bollywood stars.
The innovative trend created by her in fashion thereby gave the Makers Multimedia some of the most highly acclaimed sense of costumes and styling for their projects in advertising and television so much so that soon she became the repeatitive choice for the clients and celebrities she has been associated in her journey.
Apart from styling for print medium such as fashion catalogues, and fashion shows she also takes the initiative in designing and styling photo shoots of celebrities and models for their portraits and music videos such as sukhvinder, udit narayan and ismail darbar etc.
Shabana’s close association with the media industry in Bollywood as a producer/designer/stylist and her continuous creative and leadership skills have kept her going with credible brand names in advertising industry for whom she has designed and styled many celebrities females/males in the commercials under her label. The great choreographers and dance directors like Pony Verma, Lolly Pop, Pappu Maalu, Jeetu Verma have worked extensively with Shabana for their dance groups costumes and styling for their shows and film shoots etc.
Her creative hunger did not stop here she has done multiple exhibitions of her label sabashe in india,uk,usa and the gcc countries she continuous to design for her private niche clientale in india and overseas mainly the bridals.
While working on a bigger horizon she has designed costumes for a cross over Indo UK feature film called “TheUnforgettable.” It is evident that her creative thoughts and fertile ideas will do wonders within the parameters of intelligent cinema and popular cinema too she has designed for more than 10 projects for television dramas and series.
The logistics like time frame, content, music, casting and the different look a project demands has always been the guideline to her success. This in turn has always given her projects and recognition by the respective clients and celeberity names till date and her work rolls on a regular basis. With directions unlimited she is all set to design the production and costumes for her husband’s latest project a production by Makers multimedia a broadway musical live on stage called I love indiaaaah (Bringing india live on stage thru bollywood) This opens in Europe coming summer 2014.

Marketing and Creative Presentations


Arsalaan Khan also known as Saif has been actively involved in all the workings of Makers Multimedia. Being the son of Mr Salman Ahmed Khan, he has inherited a lot of experience at a very young age due to the exposure and day to day activities of the in house company Makers Multimedia .His genre is showbiz, entertainment and models for TV commercials and advertising campaigns.
Arsalan has the acumen to understand the grammar of film making... has assisted big daddies of film making like Ram Gopal Verma, Ahmad Khan, Nagesh Kukunoor, Rajiv Khandelwal, Arsala Qureshi to name a few...
Arsalan has aslo made his own short films and documentaries too. His recent work has been a documentary on RACH foundation titled "India The Atlantis". He has edited promos of many Bollywood films; the latest film being “Ya Rab”.
Besides these activities he takes care of marketing, production and post production of all in house work related to events and advertising campaigns.

Marketing and Creative Presentations


Sabah Khan, a graduate in Psychology who also holds a degree in Fashion Design from INIFD,for which she is the current brand ambassador appeared on the fashion scene with her Award and accolade winning Dharavi slum inspired collection which was selected to be showcased at the Gen Next platform of Lakme Fashion Week SIR 2010.
She received Appreciation for this line of hers from none ither than HRH Prince of Wales for her collection 'No Class' Sabah has been assisting Designer Shabana Khan, who heads the label Sabashe and designs for in-house production Makers Multimedia under the watchful guidance of her parents.
Sabah has consistently showcased at Lakme Fashion Week for two seasons in the year 2011 presenting her Summer collection ituk-tuk` inspired by autorickshaws and her Winter line 'Darzi-A tribute'.
Post which Sabah has launched the Label Tvach in collaboration with Aurganik at Pure London in Feb 2012, and also showcased the range of organic clothing at the Biofach, Germany 2012.
The ideology that Sabashe encourages is wear your heart on your sleeve, our ethos emanates from the changing face of India, its young and restless and doesn't fear challenging convention and above all we at Sabah believes that if you don't have fun, you don't have a show'.
Besides these activities she takes care of styling and designing costumes for in-house projects and she is actively involved with the creative team comprising of copywriters, art directors and visualizers.

Admin and Business Development


Sanah Khan is a UK born graduate with a BA Honours degree in Education studies and Psychology along with a post graduate Masters degree in Education Practice.
Sanah has a great passion towards English literature and this exposes her to explore the creative business of multimedia activities in developing business relations with the clients mainly from United Kingdom and Europe.
Sanah is young and dynamic in her approach and believes a lot in her home work before she pitches out to the new clients in terms of a creative and business presentation with a fresh and innovative approach.
Sanah also contributes her skills with her literature background by valuable inputs with the creative team of Makers Multimedia her natural business awareness attitude contributes and compliments to the company in all forms mainly at administration and business development.

Reba Ayaz
Media Broadcast Professional and Creative Analyst

Studied film and TV production with electronic journalism from IIFT, Noida.
Reba has served with various capacities in news channels …. He also is a documentary film-maker who has made films across the genres. Reba understands how the Indian media works and has made media plans for the promotion of big and small screens along with corporate brands. He is an active member of Indian documentary producers association(IDPA).Reba was an online chief producer for the famous RKB show which was formerly aired on Sahara Samay and is now on Lemon TV. He has made a lot of educational films for clients like Thakur educational trust who run more than 10 state- of -the art institutes…. His films on these colleges act as an E-prospectus and are distributed to students who wish to know the college in detail.

Rajeev Khandewal (Creative Director)
Sabah Khan ( Fashion Designer and Stylist)
Shabana J Khan ( Business Development; National and International Projects)
Sameer Arya (DOP)
Gagrin Mishra (DOP)
Baboo Mehra (Rashika Video Tech)
Faheem Siddiqui (Creative Associate)
Saiyed Ali (Music Director)
Rajesh Johri (Writer)
Harish Kumar (Art Director)
Mohmmed Hanif Chatriwala (Executive Producer)
Arsalaan Ahmed Khan (Asst.Direcor/Actor)
Saud Khan (Singer)
Deepali Somaiya (Singer)
Reba Ayaz ( Broadcast Professional)